Where Will Be the Safest Place When Stuck in a Gunfight

Many people think that the following materials will be their survival in the shootings: brick walls, tree trunks, door, etc.? Do you agree with them? If you are the one having a gun, you should properly see the gun safe reviews to choose your most suitable weapon for your own.

Shootings and bombings recently in Indonesia made many people were living in fear. The question is if unfortunately fall into that situation, where you have to hide in the safe?

The Truth About the Possibility of the Bullet-Proof Material

It can be seen in the action film, every gunfight occurred when the main character is usually immediately … lurking in all its forms: from cars, walls, doors, to the table, even your sofa. It seems that these materials have a high resistance to bullets when the main character unscathed despite discharging bullets rained down. Hiding behind the sofa like this, the main character remains unscathed.

In fact, the hiding in safe wherever it depends on many factors, such as the type of gun used, the size of the bullet, distance shot. If the use of a pistol shot, a big tree trunk or brick can deflect bullets. But the kind of gun using .223 caliber were fired at a distance of 100m is capable of penetrating virtually any type of material, except for the thick steel and cement.

Or in another experiment with bullets of AK – 47 (one of the popular gun in the world): 2cm thick steel plate easily penetrated though shot from a distance of 300m. The level of .223 rifle ammunition out of li. However, whether any ammunition they can confirm one thing that wooden tables, doors or sofa … no effect bulletproof, because virtually any bullets penetrated them well.

So, Where Is the Safest Place to Hide?

One of the locations selected lurks behind the most car door, or can be in materials in the vehicle. The cause is easy to understand because the car doors are often made of metal, easy feeling more secure. To find out where will flee to the safest when stuck in a gunfight, you have to spend more time of researching.

Frankly the car door is easy to go through with guns fired. But in fact, the most automotive door made of tin only, it is not as safe as you think. Not counting bulletproof vehicles shall follow the trial, a pistol bullet could penetrate car doors when shooting at a distance of less than 13m.

As for the li .223 rifle ammunition as mentioned above, the automobile door can easily be penetrated at a distance of 100m. Thus, where will flee to the safest when stuck in a gunfight?

However, cars still have a very safe place to hide – that is the motor behind. In the actual test, automobile engines could deflect virtually all types of ammunition. So if any barrier between your car and held a gun killer, just sitting on the side of the car that you were relatively safe.

If you do not believe you can look at some real examples in many news and magazines. Additionally, you can also choose thick concrete walls to hide. That’s where only the heavy rifle bullet can penetrate, that even if the ability to penetrate the injured also much smaller.

What to Do to Survive if Unfortunately Caught in the Shootings?

Without being a safe place to hide, would you please close to the ground? According to the principle, the gun discharged bullets tend to jerk upwards, so try to keep the body in the position as low as possible. Also, look for ways to protect your heart and your head.

In addition, you should also hide behind anything possible, even if it is … the sofa. The reason is that though there is no bulletproof effect, we have the ability to obscure the vision of those shootings. This will increase the likelihood of survival many times, instead of seeking to flee the living dead body and then fall into the sights of the gunmen.

Finally, when the shootings ended, do not rush to show his face but his hands to his head. This will help you to avoid being mistaken for accomplices. Then, check yourself for injuries and no recourse to the help of doctors. Do not forget to support the other possible injuries.

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