Things You Need to Know Before Playing Golf

Are you looking for a new kind of sport? Are you considering playing golf? If yes, you are probably searching for general information about it. This article will provide you with basic things that you might want to know about golf sport.

A. History of Golf

Golf started such a long time ago, actually 100 years BC. In the very first time, it is played by the Romans using stick kicking leather ball. The game continued to be played by Chinese in Song Dynasty in similar way. Since 15th century, modern golf playing appeared in Scotland. The game was also banned for several years before it was actually reaffirmed in 1947.
Originally, a number of holes in golf playing were 22 holes before reducing to 18 holes nowadays. In 1860, the first Open Championship in Scotland was awarded to Willie Park. Golf was for men before the year of 1893 when The Ladies’ Golf  Union was launched. The first woman to win the British Ladies’ Amateur Golf Championship was Lady Margaret Scott of England in the same year.
In 1884, the first league called The United States Golf Association (USGA) was first launched in New York. Golf had become more and more popular during this period the century. It was listed as a sport for competition at Paris Olympic Games in 1900. Golf was voted to return to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

B. Golf Guide

  • Try clubs before you are going to buy to ensure it fit you and your swing speed.
  • First practice golf with your wedges and putters since 50% of your strokes are 50 yards off the green.
  • Golf is more mental and less physical than other sports, use your athleticism.
  • In order not to loose you ball, give your ball a significant mark since there are many payers who use the same ball from one manufacture.
  • You are allowed to carry maximum of 14 clubs with you. A basic set includes a drive, a putter, a sand wedge, 6-iron, 8-iron, a pitching wedge and a fairway wood. Nevertheless, you may not need that much clubs with clubs with you during the game.
  • Do not ask for ‘advice’ from others except your partner. In accordance, do not give any suggestion for others while playing golf.
  • According to rule 7-2, during a play of hole, you cannot have any practice shots.
  • After the game, have your scorecard signed by your marker and yourself before returning it to the Committee.
  • If you are playing in group, tell your partners in advance in case you want to change to another ball when doing tee shot.
  • For tee shot, you should stand behind the line of tee-markers up to two-club length.
  • You will lose the hole if playing wrong ball. In stroke play, you will receive two-stroke penalty and need to play again with right ball while wrong shot is not counted.

  • Flagstick should always be in the central between two players. Otherwise, you can remove the flagstick rather than have it leans to one specific side.
  • You can lift, mark, clean, repair your ball and nay hole plugs but not spike marks.
  • When lifting and replacing a ball, the location of previous ball should be marked.
  • You cannot move your ball in order to support other players.

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