How to Measure Your Head for Different Helmet Sizes

The motorbike helmets are the best safety and most effective measure that a bike rider could invest. Motorbike helmets are one of the best gear that offers the best protection. This is the reason why when it comes to buying a helmet, the helmet’s appearance is not the only consideration you should take. A motor rider should the best-suited helmet they could afford.


The first thing you should do is to measure the size of the helmet. But before finding out the size, you should look at the shape of the helmet. Your head’s shape will be really important when it comes to choosing a right fit motorbike helmet. All of helmet producers design many different wares in order to make their product fit a certain head shape. Those wares fall into 3 main indicators: intermediate oval, round oval and long oval.

  • Long oval: Suit the head that has the length from the skull back to your forehead longer.
  • Intermediate oval: Most motorbike helmets would be designed in this category because this is the head shape that is quite common, if your helmet doesn’t show its shape, then it usually falls into this category.
  • Round oval: In this category, the lengths from back to front and from this side to another have almost the same measurements.

After you know the shape of your head, it would be easier for you to choose a more suitable helmet from a wide range of selection of those available motorbike helmets in the helmet shop. The recommended tool to do this job is the fiberglass seamstress, soft vinyl and tape measure. Use some tips below to figure out which the helmet’s size would suit you best:

  • Wrap the tape used for measuring around your head at some fullest parts. This should be above your ears and around half-inch on your eyebrows. Then take measurement at your forehead. To measure accurately, ask your friend to help you with step.
  • After finishing all of the measuring job, the next thing to do is to make sure that a helmet would live up into its size designations and shape. There would be definitely a few differences.

Helmet Fit

When you wear a certain new helmet for the first time, you may feel slightly tight. And the helmet’s interior will touch most of your head but it don’t cause any pain. It is not good to have hot spots on it. There are some places that put so much pressure on particular points of your face or skull. But remember to make sure it is not too loose that the helmet will freely move around. Over time, that helmet would adjust a bit to suit the head shape of the rider when it becomes worn a bit and loosens. Yet, it had better never get too loose to turn from one side to another easily.

  • Put on the helmet. It need to be tight enough when it is put on your head.
  • A helmet need to sit on your head evenly
  • Put your finger between your head and the interior of the helmet. If it can easily fit, you should pick up a helmet with smaller sizes. Notice that many helmet models in the market have the changeable cheek pads for the purpose of better fitment. When you check for the helmet’s proper sizing, you also consider this.

So the size, fit and shape of the helmet has been found out correctly, the last thing to do is to make a purchase of that helmet. Choose one that has the features which can make the riding as comfortable as possible. Patterns, shield tine and color are up to you or in other words, your personal choice. If you pick up an easier and brighter helmet, other riders are easy to see you on the road, leading to your safety ensured. The shield shouldn’t hinder the vision of the rider and the helmet’s tinted visors need to be used only for the days full of sunshine.


A best-suited motorbike helmet would make a big contribution on the comfort and convenience of your riding. If you helmet doesn’t fit your right, then it could lead to pain that causes dangerous distraction, it might not fully protect the head of the rider in an accident. Therefore, choosing a motorbike helmet that have a right fit with the rider is really essential. It is advisable to spend lots of time seeking a right helmet. Safety is the most important factor you should take into account when choosing a suitable helmet.

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