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In addition to cycling, then in a few developing countries without the racing is very popular in the world such as motorcycle GP, NASCAR, Formula One (F1), etc so that the sports genre is mostly alien to us. Already incidentally we learn is an article on the basics of racing F1 (Formula one), here we will summarize the main ideas to help you have a better overview on the subject this speed sports.  Due to limited knowledge, learn flawed and shallow, sincerely thank you for the article commented enjoyable, we would like to probably leave all to you can help the flaws more places, you please share below help yourselves, sincerely thank you.

1. The History And Formation of the Formula One Racing

Formula One or F1-Formula One racing driver award  F1 racing season is initiated from the 1950s. F1 racing is the current high level for that species who are organized, in which each of the 12 participating teams tournament consists of 12 different brands, such as Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Renault, McLaren … and hundreds of different donors come from the motorsportving world. Each team has 2 motorsport involved, so we have a total of 24 motorsports in the same competition. One thing especially this team will design your own F1 motorsport, the only other engine powered by four leading brands including Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Renault or Cosworth. It is known that every racing team budget spent on competing to Prix extremely large, about 100 million and as up to 500 million us dollars a year. According to statistics, only partial research and development motorsport engines have spend on average from 125 to 225 million by a team each year, so that it is considered the most expensive sport today.

2. A Few Rules


– Currently a F1 racing game is limited time lasts up to 2 hours.
– In case of necessity (eg accident, the track was dangerous …), the organizers will give a safety (Safety car – sponsored by Mercedes) ran out, blocking the F1 cars running slowly slowly to ensure safety until the problem is fixed.
– Structure of scoring: The best would be about 25 points, the second 18 points, the third 15 points, to invest 12 points, 10 points 5th, 6th 8 points, 6 points 7th, 8th is 4 points, 2 points and 9th of 10 get 1 point. The remaining vehicles will not be the point.
– In case the car could not finish, they still earn the points, if any rating above 10, and must complete at least 90% of the ramp where the winners go, even when the vehicle is nowhere to run anymore though officials have not the destination.
– If the winner (the best ride was more rings) and the destination can not be rolled, then 10 ranking on only 1/2 of the points only.

3. When An Emergency, Dangerous Situation Occurs


When tournament F1 is going on, if there is an immediate danger to the race happen, the organizers will resolve the situation by raising the red flag (Red Flag):
– If the riders finished just under 3 laps: Restart from the beginning of the race.
– If the riders completed from 3 to less than 75% of the total number of laps: Resume the race after overcoming the problem, preserve the results as if the red flag is given.
– Completed more than 75% of the total number of laps: Usually (not always the case), the organizing committee will announce the results always, calculated in a time before the red flag was given 2 laps ( eg flag on lap 50 was made, then the result will count bases in the 48th lap).

4. Maximum Speed Up to 350km/h

You should know that the F1 race car is one of the fastest cars in the world today, with speeds up to 350 km / h. Each year the team participated in many tournaments taking place from March to November every year, held all over the world such as Italy, Germany, Bahrain, Japan, Monaco … There will be two prizes awarded the championship team and individual championships, the value of each prize depends on every event, but also to millions of dollars. Coming here, the United States Grand Prix F1 will take place on Sunday 18/11 here in Austin, Texas, USA after 5 years of absence in this country. The tournament racers will compete in race consists of 56 laps, each 5513m long loop, ie a total of more than 308 km. To run all the way, the riders will this take a period of almost 2 hours. F-1 design is safe, thanks to the side of light, fragile, but the body was intact after the collision.

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