Knee Sleeves for Crossfit – What Are They And Why Should We Wear Them

If you are taking gym or doing intensive workouts for crossfits, you will know that knee injuries are so common and no matter how careful you are, the chance that you get a knee injury is pretty high. Knee injuries are also very serious it affects both our workout routines as well as our normal lives. That is the reason there are many knee protective gears coming in. One of the most famous and bestselling types is knee sleeves.
CrossFit may be the fitness pattern capturing the country. It is difficult in order to classify CrossFit just because a CrossFit work out range from this kind of an array of techniques and gear which it doesn’t match nicely into one well-defined physical exercise class. It is secure to express which, any time you exercise you will be performing something brand new, uncommon, efficient and hard. CrossFit’s rule is “Forging Top Elite Fitness” meaning routines are often very difficult  definitely not for that fainthearted.
So you may wonder what are the best knee sleeves? And what can they do to help us? There are many articles about these that you can find more here.
In this article, I will briefly explain what is knee sleeves and the benefits of them.

A/ What Are Knee Sleeves?

Knee sleeves are commonly made from neoprene material. They are used to wrap over your knees.

B/ Benefits of Wearing Knee Sleeves

First and foremost, knee sleeves are designed to prevent knee injury from happening. When you take part in many activities which require a lot of knee pressure, it is important for you to prevent knee injuries from happening as much as possible.
Furthermore, they are used to reduce knee pains as they add warmth and prevent the movement of the patella. They are also use to help your knee remain in a good posture and keep joints in a stable place.  Put it in another way, using a knee sleeves will make us feel less pain after a crossfit workout thanks for the correct body’s position.
Another benefit of knee sleeves we need to mention is that they aid the flow of the blood in your body. Especially when the weather is cold outside, these knee sleeves will keep out knees and joints warm and the blood flow will be very smooth. Also thanks for the support to the knees, with the smooth flow in your body, sure if you have any injury, it will recover pretty soon.

C/ When to Use Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves may not be the most important thing for beginners in crossfit workouts as they can only light lighter weight; therefore, there is not much pressure on their knees. However, people who have been practicing lift weighting for a long time and now can lift a lot of weight need to wear a pair of knee sleeves. They of course will support your knees.  They also support your posture and correct your position.  Put it in another way, knee sleeves can help you have a proper and better training session.
As I mention before, if you only lift light weight, there is no need for knee sleeves. This also applies to the exercises in crossfit if knee is not the main lifting source such as squats, snatch. Your knees are however still vulnerable to any iccident that may happen when you work out and can be damaged in the long term.
Here is all the basic information about knee sleeves, their benefits and the occasions you need to wear them. In general, knee sleeves are very important for people whose routines require lifting and putting a lot of pressure on the knees. To help reduce the existing and prevent future knee injuries from happening, I strongly recommend you to wear a pair of knee sleeves every time you do crossfit workouts.
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