How to hunt deer in the rain?

Normally, when mentioning deer hunting, hunters will firstly think about the best compound bow but let you read this article for knowing some pro tips for deer hunting in the rain in order to get the best result. It is very important to recognize that in the event of raining, deer can care less. Deer can proceed their normal life, whether it is a downpour or a light sprinkle. Conversely, if hunters hear sound of rain outside the windows, they may not want to go out of the bed. But, these gloomy days won’t be a serious problem anymore, if you know tips for hunting deer under the rain. Another important point is that other hunters stay at home in the rain condition so you have less competition in the forest.

Pro Tips :

  • Rain works to advantage of hunter

rain hunt deer

Deer will till visit the favorite places in the rain weather. The bonus is that in that condition, deer are less skittish as there are winds at that time with the creaking branches especially the presence of other people in this area makes deer pay attention your scent less even you can enter the forest easier

Despite raining, it would be best to hunt like you do as normal. Perhaps you would like to grab a camo-patterned poncho, a few waders and choose your pair of waterproof boots but everything else had better be business as normal.

  • Rainy day hunting gear:

On the rainy hunting days, you need less gear than the frequent hunting days to catch whitetails. Because of rain, you had better just bring hunting light, camping heater, GPS unit, knives and wallet, the key of your truck, of course in place of the electronics for your hunt. In case you are lost any important & expensive items in the forest on the rainy days, it is very hard to look because they may be buried in mud even ruined by moisture and water.

It’s better to let the hunting pack behind. As I said easier, you shouldn’t carry the pricey and important things with you in the forest. Here are some of them without being limited: lamp, cooking gear, tripods, blankets, ranges and cameras. You ought to think that hunting on the rainy days like a minimalist adventure. That means if you do not tag or kill deer in the forest, you do not need to carry it for your hunt.

  • Plan to be wet :

plan to be wetThe majority of hunters don’t want to leave their blankets and bed to go out on the rainy days as they do not to be wet. However, you merely need to plan on being wet in place of freaking out about raining as long as you can probably soak wet. Utilize gear having wicking properties to be as comfortable as possible. They can wick moisture away from your body so that it dries always.

  • Where to hunt on the rainy days?

During the rain, deer will be in actions like eating and socializing as your expectation in several different places. But, there are a lot of hotspots in only rainstorm such as trails, feeding areas and runs. With any scouted place, it is also one of the regular points where deer are very busy in a rainstorm.

Below are some deer hotspots when raining: river crossings, ridge spines, streams and saddles. Besides, deer may be very busy at points close to natural food plots (oak stands and orchards) and field edges.

  • Rainy day buck challenges:

Hunting deer whilst it’s rain brings many benefits but you will also meet more or less challenges. Noise is one of the largest challenges because it help you enter the forest without being noticed by deer but noise makes hunters hard to determine the location of deer.

Rainy day buck challenges

Thanks to large debris, soaked dirt and wet leaves, deer can easily walk around without being unnoticed. That’s why it’s harder to find them in the forest. Constantly scanning the place where you are in can help you pass these challenges. Rather than counting on an antler rubbing a tree or the break of a branch, you had better be alert & constantly scan around where you hunt. Keep in mind that the appearance of a wet deer is different from a dry buck. A wet deer may blend into the surroundings for complicating problems even more.

Hope you have taken some good ideas for your deer hunting under the rain. You can carry the best bow selected from the top compound bow brands 2017 to have a perfect result.

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