How To Clean Your Helmet

For most riders, the season of riding is over and it is time to begin storing all of our gear until the next spring. You may notice that annoying smell is starting to come from your motorbike inside, not to mention the dirt and bugs that have create crusts on the helmet’s shell. In order to have spotless lid and fresh smelling in the next spring, it is good time to wash it. Your motorbike helmet is a necessary piece of gear. So it is really important to correctly give it a wash so that the helmet’s safety isn’t impaired. These tips are useful to follow if you want to make your helmet smelling and looking like fresh when you decide to hit the highway in the spring next time.

Washing the visor, vents and shell:

Your helmet’s shell not only save your life, but also enable you to show your style off. When it is properly cleaned without damages, it will continue to give you safety and style statement. In case your helmet has lots of debris and dirt on it, you can rinse it using lukewarm water. And when you see any crusty bugs or some debris left there, you can put a wet towel on your helmet for a while so that it can be loose a bit. The aim of this action is to take off as much gunk as possible without scrubbing the helmet shell hard, that can create some unwanted scratches. After removing the towel, rinse it again.

To ensure that everything is clean, it is wise to remove any removable vents and the shield. It is up to you to remove the pivot kits of the visor in order to clean deeper. Make sure that you know how to assemble it or another choice is to use Google to find more tips.
You can use mild soaps such as baby shampoo to have your helmet’s shell washed. Another choice for you is to use special cleaners are made just for the helmet plastics. Special surfaces can be a good choice because it is designed to keep your hand safe and not to destroy the shell’s integrity. You should avoid using any cleaner that is petroleum-based as they will reduce the shell strength. You should remember not to scrub it too hard as you may create some scratches on it.
To not shiny helmets, you should make sure to only wash it with neutral detergents and warm water. The helmet surface can be ruined if you use plastic cleaners as it will make it shiny or leave blemishes.
If you see some debris or stubborn grime on the visor or the vents, you could choose to use either cotton swabs or a tooth brush that is soft-bristled to scrub the gunk. Remember not to scrub it too hard as indent or some scratches can be created on the vents. Another way to clean your helmet’s vents is to make use of the keyboard cleaners that are compressed-air. This would help clean all of the debris without creating any indents or scratches.

Washing helmet padding and liner:

It is easy for you to clean check pads or a helmet liner using the washing machine. These parts will need to be put in the washing bags and remember to have them washed on the hand-wash or gentle setting. Using mild detergents is just OK. If you want to take the smell off completely, antimicrobial detergents are recommended. They should be washed at a bit low temperature.

In case using a washing machine is not your choice, then check pads and helmet liner could be washed by hand. Use mild soaps to rub it to the pads and liner, next give it a nice rinse. Keep this process going until you cannot see any grime coming out. It is true that the more these grime comes out, the more you want to wash your motorbike helmet.

After finishing all of washing job, you could hang the pads and liner up and let them dry out. Applying heat is not advisable because the heat will cause your gear to shrink, leading to it no longer fitting your helmet. This job can be done by using your damp cloth, then wipe it slightly. Any chemical is forbidden in this stage as it can damage your helmet’s protective liner.

In sum,

So based on these tips, you now are able to clean out your helmet’s gear after using it.

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