Golf Clothes Guide for Beginners

When starting a new sports, there are pretty much equipment, membership card as well as clothes that you need to buy. For golf sport, you don’t have to move, run or jump that much comparing to other sports. The point in choosing good golf clothes is that you will feel comfortable and independent in wearing it.
However, if you are going to play in a particular course, they may have rules on dress code which you have to follow. So make sure that you know about the dress code of the course you are going to play. You can find information about dress code require in their website or directly call them. Some courses are really trick in checking clothes that you are wearing. They may not let you enter if you wear wrong dress code. You can assume that courses at the same price will have quite similar requirement for dress code
In case you are doing business, you know the fact golf is more than a sport. You should get proper dress to polish your first image of impression to your partner. Nevertheless, this guide particularly focuses on relaxation and comfort of the clothes bringing to golf players.
Basically, a standard golf clothes comprises of a headwear, breathable waterproof jacket, golf vest, shirt and trousers. Let’s first have more detailed look on how to choose golf clothes in term of individually item.
  • Headwear: Why should you have a hat with you while playing golf? The golf court is totally flat and big, there are sunshine during the summer as well as chances to have rains. You should have a proper hat to protect you from the sunshine as well as rainfall. In sunny day, headwear also help you have clear view to shot the ball. A cap hat is absolutely suitable for both man and woman in golf playing.
  • Breathable waterproof jacket: Jacket is a good outside wear in windy day. There is no doubt that you do not want to play golf with only short-sleeve T-shirt in windy and rainy day. Golf jacket is specially designed not to border your movement and speed. Your arm movement is not affected by golf jacket also as it is woven materials with gussets.
  • Golf vest: As golf is not that physically intensive comparing to other sport, you need to have layer wearing in order to keep your body warm. Because arms’ movements are crucially primary activities in golf, golf vest is sleeveless. There are different products for men and woman. Vest styles are also various from sweater vest to fleece vest. However, you should not have too thick layer of vest since it might harder for your movement as well as your swing.
  • Shirt: Traditionally, both men and woman wear collared T-shirt while playing golf. The most popular shirt used is micro-fibre polo shirt. You can also wear tennis shirt as there is small differences between the two shirts.
  • Trousers: Men usually wears golf shorts, particularly chino-style trousers. Accordantly, woman can wear knee-length shorts or skirt.

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