Discover disc golf!

When is a hole on a golf course really a basket–or a tree, a rock, or a trash can? When you’re playing disc golf!

Golfers use a club to hit a golf ball into a small hole. They try to get the ball in the hole using the fewest strokes. Golfers may play nine or eighteen holes. At the end of the game, the player with the lowest number of strokes wins. The lowest score is the winning score!

Disc golf is played the same way, except for one difference. Players do not hit little white balls into a hole. They throw flying discs at a target. On an official disc golf course, this is a metal basket on a pole. Chains droop down from the top of the pole to help catch the disc.

Players begin at the first tee or starting point. The distance to the basket is between 200 and 500 feet. (This is about a third as long as a regular golf course.) Each disc golfer takes a turn throwing a disc. Usually, it takes several throws to reach the basket. After each toss, the disc golfer throws again from where the disc landed. Players have to watch out for trees and other obstacles between the tee and the basket.

Disc golf can be played with any kind of a flying disc. But some discs are made just for playing golf. These discs are smaller and heavier than other kinds. They are made for longer throws. Golf discs cost between $7 and $10. They can be found at disc golf pro shops and some sporting goods stores. (These discs are good for playing golf, but not for playing catch. They are too hard and heavy. You or another player could get hurt.)

There are about 500 disc golf courses in the United States. A city or state park near you may have a disc golf course. So bring your disc and “throw yourself into” this fun summer sport!

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