It is true to say whenever you take a ride with your motorbike; your helmet will be the best protective companion of you. It is especially the case when it comes to motocross helmets. So in these motocross helmets reviews, we will help you choose the best motocross helmet.

Bell Super 2.0 helmet

This helmet is 1 of the most established designs that have rear coverage that is extended. For 2016, it’s been purchased bang today by adding the compatibility with new Super 2R chin bar, which fast converts the 2.0 to a full-coverage lid for uplifts or racing.


This product is available in 4 sizes; the fit will be top notch as well as airflow excellent due to 25 events. This ventilation includes 4 inlet ports over the brow that effectively brings the cool air around your head. The thick X-Static comfort pads that resist bacteria that could be perforated in your forehead region and then soak up the moisture and therefore complement the helmet’s front vents.

There is extensive coverage around the users’ occipital lobe and temple. In fact, this helmet is 1 of the firm feeling helmets with high-quality construction and a few solid fasteners which incorporate the use of ease (with 1 hand) tensioning bands.

This helmet is not especially lightweight, though. The exposed EPS that located at the helmet’s rear is prone to damage, yet the large part of the helmet’s shell will be well-wrapped. Also, we have found it really super-durable up to date.

Fox Racing V2 Race Helmet


Fox Racing will be definitely a well-known manufacturer of Off-Track gear Offering and Sportswear providing high-quality tee, t-shirts, tops and tanks for either men or women. While this helmet offers the complete line of motocross pants, gloves, Body Armor, gloves, Apparels and boots through independent motorbike accessory dealers all around the world, this company also provide a complete line of the sportswear, including T-shirts, shorts, fleece, jeans, hats, sweaters, Body Armor and sweatshirts to the community through finer ATV, sportswear and bike retailers around the world.

This product is well-known for its ventilation system. In muggy and hot weather, this helmet’s system ventilation is exceptionally essential. The helmets feature intake vents on the top because this will be the place in which the force of the wind will contact with the helmet. This helmet also has intake vents on both of its sides. Apart from that, this high-quality helmet offers some useful features:

  • Fiberglass shell
  • Dual EPS liner
  • Four EPS sizes and three Shell sizes for certain fit
  • Ten intakes and four exhaust vents used for enhanced airflow
  • 2014 Model
  • Satisfy either Snell 2010 or DOT certifications

Bell MX-9 Pro Circuit

This helmet offers lightweight injected composite shell, EPS sizes and three shell for a precise fit, the velocity flow vent system for comfort and cooling, Moisture Wicking, washable and removable air channeled liner, the chin bar that is EPS-lined, roost guard that is integrated vented, chin strap with the strap keeper and ring closure as well as 5-year warranty

The reduction of noise is the well-known feature of this helmet. Accepted noise is a really essential factor for riders to consider. The 2 exact helmets may have different levels of noise depending on riders’ motorcycle, the type of windscreen used the height of riders, and if air ventilation is either open or closed. Because of this, the noise levels for some given helmets would be rarely offered and, when they are, might be ignored, instead of the customer reviewing noting rattling. This motorcycle helmet is designed to help lessen the wind noise. This high-quality motorcycle helmet is made to not reduce the traffic sounds much, though they lessen the noise of wind very much. Apart from this feature, you will find this product useful with the following useful features:

  • Three shell and some EPS sizes for a certain fit, and adjustable mouth vents
  • Antimicrobial or Antibacterial interior liner, and EPS-lined chin bar
  • 5-year warranty
  • Chin-strap that is padded with ring closure, Velocity Flow Vents, and Polycarbonate Shell.
  • Face Shield and Moisture wicking, washable and removable air channeled comfort lining


Now we get you through 3 reviews of top helmets on the market up-to-now. These kinds of helmets will be indispensable when you take a ride on the road. And in order to keep your safety and comfort the priority, these brands of helmets should be your choice

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