Achieving greatness with goals

How many of you actually sat down on January 1st and made a list of New Year’s resolutions, or things that you really wanted to accomplish this coming year? Probably a large percentage of you … if not this year, you have at some point attempted to do so in your past.

What gave you the desire to come up with your New Year’s resolutions? What gave you the motivation to want to sit down and write out on paper the things you wanted to change about yourself, or the things you wanted to accomplish in the coming year? I’m going to go out on the limb and say that it’s just plain old human nature to want to improve … want to get better than we are right now. We see others succeed and in turn want to do the same. We dream of winning that big golf event down at the club, or someday being the longest hitter in our Saturday morning golf leagues. Or maybe for those golf professionals out there, you dream of someday winning on the LPGA or PGA Tour, or the World Long Drive Championship.

I’d like to introduce you to the ULTIMATE WEAPON FOR SUCCESS in LIFE and ON THE COURSE.

Whatever your dream may be, please go ahead and answer question number two for me. How many of you have looked at those New Year’s resolutions today? Hmmm … how about this week? Ok then, how about this month? If you answered “I have” to two out of the three questions above, I’m sure you are better today than you were on January 1st. If not, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t even remember what those resolutions were in the first place.

This great tool has been used by some of golf’s best: Nicklaus, Hogan, and Palmer to name a few. Actually, this secret weapon is used by every single successful person you have ever read about or even heard of. This weapon is called goal setting. Goal setting is used to conquer armies, win major championships, or even just to simply look great at the beach. The ability to set goals is something every one of us already possess, but if practiced and developed will help all of your dreams come true.


The cool thing is that everything we do in our lives revolves around goal setting. Setting your alarm to wake up, brushing your teeth, driving to work, they’re all predetermined goals we have set for ourselves. Things that may not have been easy for us when we were very young, have now become easy enough so that we don’t even have to think twice before doing them. These goals have become more habits than anything.

Why has winning become such a habit for Tiger? What makes him capable of winning week in and week out? The first thing I ever remember reading about Tiger was that when he was a young boy he would hang pictures and accomplishments of Jack Nicklaus on his bedroom wall. Tiger did this because his goals were to achieve more than being the greatest golfer of all-time.


Do you think that Tiger doing such a thing, from such a young age, had anything at all to do with his success? Do you think that Tiger knowing exactly what he wanted, enough so that it right in front of his face each and every day of his life, had anything to do with what he’s accomplished so far in his career? Maybe this clarity that Tiger has is the key. Maybe the clarity of this vision gave Tiger the ability to draw out a foolproof map that allowed him to effortlessly work his way toward his goals. I believe this is the key, or at least the main antidote. In Steve Williams’ book, “Golf at the Top with Steve Williams”, he quoted Tiger as saying, “If you look in the mirror more than you look at your goals, then there’s something wrong.”

What can we learn from this? How can we learn from the best? We can learn that Tiger sees what he wants, and most likely only cares about what he wants. He looks at what he wants so often that he doesn’t have time to worry about what might get in his way. Therefore, what he doesn’t want, or what might get in his way doesn’t really exist to him. Lets take a page right out of young Tiger’s book, or right off of his wall for that matter.


In this issue of MFG, I’d like to offer you an opportunity to take that first step. Let’s take that first step forward in a three-step series of building your very own Goal Map. Let’s build a detailed map of your own, and make those long-time blurry dreams of yours, crystal clear visions and goals. Let’s build a map so clear that you have no choice but to stay solely focused on what we want, and not have to waist any more time and energy on what we don’t want. Let’s finally take that next step that is truly going to help you reach your true potential!

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